Saturday, April 9, 2011

Los Mocosos - Mocos Locos (1998)


01. Somos Los Mocosos
02. Latinos With Soul
03. Cantina
04. King Of Ska
05. Brown and Proud
06. Volver, Volver
07. Mala
08. The Lonely Bull
09. Wetback
10. La Boa
11. Thunderball
12. Soul Mocosos
13. Volver, Volver (Remix)

San Francisco-based Latin rock band Los Mocosos made their debut in 1998 after signing up to Aztlán Records, releasing Mocos Locos, name based on El Mariachi's character El Moco. Playing a mixture of Latin ska, Afro-Cuban beats, urban hip-hop, and jazz-funk, soon, the band started getting involved in the local scene, later, having the opportunity to join 1999's Watcha Tour in San Francisco and Monterey Jazz Festival. Los Mocosos, a Latin groove act from the West Coast inspired by 1970s Chicano rock scene.

California, U.S.A. Los Mocosos fueron una banda multicultural formada en San Francisco a mediados de los 90 quienes mezclan en sus discos salsa, hip-hop, funk, ska, swing, jazz, etc.



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